Are you ready for more ?
Want to attract more money, greater relationships, better experiences, greater health,
...With More Ease?

A Day of Expansion
Redesigning Wealth- Recoding Your Belief System For Major Success.


Manifest Your Best Year Yet!

It doesn’t have to take forever.


1-Day LIVE VIP Intensive

Raleigh NC

Approx. 5-7 Hours

Heavy Lunch included.

The is a Private Location.

The exact location will be announced once the investment has been made!

Sat, January 14th, 2023

Starts 10:00 AM

High Vibe In Person Intensive.

Very Limited seats available.

This is a small intimate private VIP container of 12 women.

Women who want to boldly grow their business and life.

Tap into the energetics and mindset of prosperity and abundance already embedded on the inside of you.

💫 At some point you no longer accept not actuallizing what you truly desire.

The decision to no longer allow outdated paradigms, beliefs and generational learned behaviors to yield you undesired results in your business and life is a life changing decision.

Your mind is the wealthiest thing God has gifted you with. It is the center of your super power when you learn to tap into the state of prosperity you were originally designed to rest in.

When you learn to align fully, mentally and emotionally, with what you truly desire, not what you've been settling for, you obtain the power to change your entire life.

"She Prospers" is a powerful, life changing time collapsing injection, paradigm shifting, event.

Investment Cost

Fast Action first 3 women(1 left) $777

Early Offer $1111

Regular Invest Cost $2222

Fast Action Offer availble for the first 3 women

(2 left) who enroll

Learn how to accomplish your desires with greater ease and FLOW by learning how to think, shift your energy and change your paradigm.

It's an activation of your natural God-given ability to prosper and be in health.

I share principles I teach my clients to use that create more in their life, relationships, business, and money!

Many of my clients have reached their 6 figure mark by working less and earning more by shifting their thinking.

This is the activation to Step more fully into the


Realm of Prosperity and Abundance.

The collective energy of other women who desire more is transformative.

~If you want something beyond your current capacity, you must launch out into the deep.

Deep calls to deep.
Let’s go within.

What you I learn?


In addition to the live in person event, you will also get 30 days of daily instruction to help you maintain and calibrate a new level of abundance even after your in person Intensive.

~Learn to release and activate the principles and laws that set the course for more abundance in your life.

~Learn to step fully into your feminine energy inorder to allow more abundance into your life.

~Learn in depth manifestation and mindset principles to create more abundance in your life and business!

~approx. 5 hours of activation of mind shifting training.

Investment Cost:

Fast Action Only available to the first 3 women

(2 left) $777

Early Offer $1111

Regular Invest Cost $2222

Fast Action Offer availble for the first 2 womento enroll

Investment Cost $2222

    Installment plans must be fullfiled (paid in full) one week prior to event
    Please Note: Your seating is considered confirmed at the time of purchase. Space is very limited in our sessions. Obtaining a seat by purchasing is considered greatly in the space we have available for other participants. This is a non refundable event. We understand that things happen. In our best attempts to consider that you can use the price paid towards a course or program in the event that an emergency arises and you are unavailble to attend. You must complete the financial obligation. This agreement is made upon payment!

    Please Note: Your seat is consudered confirmed at the time of purchase. Seating is Very limited for each session… Obtaining a seat by paying in full or installment payment is considered greatly in the space we have available for other guest. There are no refunds, This agreement is made upon payment.