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This Course is Designed to accelerate your Vision!

It walks you though Tanya's Framework for Creation and Implementation of a powerful aligned Vision for your Life and Business

you can walk out and actualize!

My entire career as a Life and Business Coach was started from an awareness of

how "out of order"

my life felt, well over a decade ago.

I deeply felt stuck and knew I had to do things differently. It was during that time of reflection and awareness that I began creating strategies, an accessing life KEYs to get unstuck. My desire to have things actually flow and work in my life continuously grew. I not only wanted to appear successful on the outside (I had began earning 6 figures in my mid twenties and was doing alot of exciting things).

I still felt stuck.

I wanted things to go well, not just on the outside publicly, but real true fulifilling results that aligned behind the scenes.

I began creating strategies to shift my life out of those stuck places. It was working so well I naturally felt compelled to share them with my then clients, in my previous career, before Coaching And Consulting (for free).

They too were getting amazing results.

I organically began getting offers from every where to speak and conduct workshops for Cooporate entities, Organizations and small business owners. Keynoting and condusting seminars on organization, entreprenurialship, time management, goal setting and vision. Organically.

I didn't seek out Coaching.

It found me doing this work.

I documented the work, the steps and principles I applied and "Here we are".

It became one

of our most popular Best Selling Courses!

Design Your Destiny

(formerly, "Slay Your Plans and Profit"

Regardless of what's behind you,

You can create something new, fresh, fulfilling and prosperous at any age
at any time!

Create a vision bigger than your past you can fully lean into and live out!

4 Week Master Life Class

This Master Life Class will equip you to:

~Design a Destiny plan in alignment with who you are and what you desire for your life

_Tap into your Soul Set( -your hearts desires, what’s necessary in this season, what’s going to move you forward with the greatest ease, what does true fulfillmemt)mean to you

~Simplify your life/ Business

~Declutter Your Life and gain Time Freedom and personal peace

~ Overcome overwhelm, procrastination, and stagnation inorder to move forward freely

~Identify triggers holding you back

~Gain the Clarity to confidently step into your personal power.

*This is a non refundable course

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