How has the dating scene been for you here lately?
Does it seem like you keep running into the same guy in a different body? Or, maybe you haven’t been dating at all because of previous failed relationships, a previous divorce, the overwhelming WYD text as communication, and the fact that it feels like chivalry is dead. Almost to the point where you feel
like giving up on dating altogether.
Before you do that, I’d love you to consider these five aspects in this E-Book.
Because I understand the impact relationships have on our life, a vetting system is important.
When you’re meeting new people and going through the initial dating phase, at minimal, start with these 5 principles and concepts.
Many people set out for relationships as if it is simply a natural process. Like, “I’m digging him.”
“We have chemistry, or even, “I love him”, it should just work.
I disagree.

E-Book Section titles include:

#1 Soul Searching

#2 Patterns not Potential

#3 Stop Ignoring Red-flags

#4 Check For The 3 C’s

#5 Belief